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Presenting our Trademarked and Copy written Exclusive Ring Purchase and Proposal Package. We at Lozano’s Diamond Jewelry can help you with taking a knee for your engagement process. Everything from the dinner at Westlake Village Inn, to Siera Leone, Africa evening adventure. Please contact us for more info.

Check out the easy wedding ring section (Men’s & Women), pick your own loose diamond, signup for our Rewards program and qualify for batteries at half price (one free watch battery each year), 10 percent off jewelry repairs, a raffle for a free piece of jewelry every month, and $50 on your next visit! you also receive $50 towards jewelry on your birthday, wedding anniversary, and anyone you want to add on your rewards program.



Everytime I walk into Lozano’s Diamond Jewelry I have a great experience. They are always looking for something new and exciting to dazzle us with. Try the experience. you might want to do a selfie!

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