There are White, Brown, yellow, and grey basic Diamond colors. Once you figure out it’s basic face up color. you can now interpret it’s quality. There are many fancy marketed names like Canary Yellow, Chocolate, and Vanilla Diamonds. I was lucky enough to have gone to where these Diamonds are found. Diamond Jim found himself stuck in the thick of the jungles of Siera Leone, Africa. I was right along side of him. We met the young Prince Abukai who secured our safe passage through the cities of Freetown and the Jungles of Bo, Abukai’s Grampa Jo was the first King who let DeBeer’s into West Africa to mine in Siera Leone, A mining town about 500 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean. We were close to Congo. It’s here where Diamond Jim dumped a ton of money into a mining operation, only to find he needed another ton to keep it running. I would go again if all the stars were aligned. Jim is the only small minor I have ever heard of who has pulled out Diamonds and Gold and secured them for travel to the the United States. The place was dripping with people putting spells on you and many surprises around each corner, any step could be your last. I have been blessed like no other jeweler has to have met such great people in Africa. This is but one adventure I have experienced in the jewelry business. It has led me to many corners of the earth. I’ve worked in wholesale, retail, mining, manufacturing and very few jewelers can say this. Stop by the store for one of my exciting adventures into the world of Jewelry!

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